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Cross-border Asset Allocation and Tax Planning

Our clients enjoy the assurance that comes with having a team of experienced and multidisciplinary professionals to build a comprehensive wealth plan to make their life after immigration brilliant.

Asset Management

Our asset management team always puts each customer’s business and family financial goals first. Experts from multiple areas are dedicated to providing customized asset management services and top notch investment portfolios.

A one-stop US-China cross-border Wealth Planning Firm

Trust planning

Trusts can be an incredibly valuable vehicle for asset protection. It may be used for holding an individual's assets to shield them from creditors, or for purposes of property preservation, investment, tax planning or asset transfer. New York Wealth Planning Group’s professional team provides trust planning to meet each client’s individual needs.

Study Abroad and Immigration

We partner with experts from Ivy League schools to provide personalized study abroad plans. From school selection, application, admission, to first landing in the U.S., our team is always available to assist clients every step on the way.