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Company Overview

New York Wealth is one of the first financial and life planning firms to offer a one-stop platform providing US-China cross-border wealth/life management and family office services. We are extending those services to a wider base of high net worth clients so they can enjoy the private, holistic, wealth, and life management services now exclusively used by the world’s wealthiest families. We advise clients with global needs on wealth planning, asset management and legacy planning, as well as related legal, tax, immigration, education, wellness and lifestyle issues. With headquarters in New York City, our firm has extended its footprint to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Chengdu, among other cities and regions. Our team of experts understands the link between wealth and happiness, and we are determined to help you achieve your most important needs in wealth and life.

A Pioneer in US-China Cross-Border Wealth and Life Planning

Effective wealth and life planning is the key to your lifetime financial freedom and your family’s happiness. In today’s global economy, you need financial experts and lifestyle advisors with cross-cultural insights. At New York Wealth, our highly experienced professionals offer personalized financial planning and select cross-border products and services. They will help you build, manage and preserve wealth in ways that enhance the quality of your life.

Family Office

Family offices are known as the “Crown Jewels” in the wealth management industry. We provide a full range of cross-border platform services including investment, risk management, tax planning, education, estate planning, and philanthropic management—a wide range of services geared towards the needs of each family member.