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Insurance Planning for High Net Worth Clients

The professional team of New York Wealth Planning Group (NYWPG) possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the advanced market and is dedicated to delivering specialized insurance plans that meet the needs of high net worth clients. The focus of planning services lies in the areas of tax savings, asset protection, retirement income, and estate planning.

For Institutional Investors

Our services help to add more flexibility to fund management, which allows institutions to invest more tax-efficiently and thus maximize their after-tax return.

For High Net Worth Individuals

Our professional team provides customized life insurance plans to meet every client’s expectations. Being exclusively focused on our clients’ needs, our goal is to provide better asset protection from creditors and efficient tax planning while creating additional wealth in the long haul and securing a legacy for the next generation.

Dedicated to provide the high net worth clients with
customized investment and wealth planning services

New York Wealth's Premium Financing Program

Premium financing is an option for insurance policy owners to use life insurance policies/personal assets as collateral to acquire a loan from a bank, and then to pay the insurance premium. By providing a large sum to pay premiums, premium financing allows policy owners to retain more liquid assets for other uses.

  • Managed by professional investment team from the world’s top insurance companies
  • Designed for ultra-high-net-worth (usually with over $20 million of net worth) to maximize the investment return of the cash value built up in the policy
  • Provide considerable retirement income and ideal next-generation legacy planning
  • Death benefit and retirement income from the policy could be tax-free with proper design
  • Cross-border assets can be protected from creditors